AI Blackboard is occasionally forcing my player character to use the AI's animation?

When the blackboard is hooked up, I have it set to make the AI use an attack montage every 2 seconds. Occasionally, It’ll make my character use the same montage as them without my input. How is this possible?

When i disconnect their attack, the problem stops. (I have thoroughly tested and i am not accidentally pressing the key.)

Things i can think of that might be important:

–>My player character has the same montage attached to a keypress. (That i’m not pressing)

–>They use the same animBP

–>They use the same skeleton/mesh (but on different BP [My_Player] and [My_AI])

Normally, this doesn’t happen. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it happens a lot. Any happenings are bad =(

Debug it with animation debugging.
the AI should be instanced as its own thing, so even if you are changing a value that triggers the montage it should never interfere with a different instance.

Hard to say exactly where it went wrong, but I can confirm the setup works as I too have the AI derived from the player.
though, maybe, make a copy of the abim BP and assign it to the AI so that it is isolated.
this is usually helpful because the state changes occur differently when no user input is provided… you have to toggle a Bool or change a speed somehow.