AI behavior via network.

Since there is no Network forum I guess this is the best place to put it.

I’ve decided to use GameSparks for my network, because building a dedicated unreal server will cost money and I’m an indie developer and GameSparks has a great indie plan.

Unreal has its own network system that handles the characters movement replication and I need to mimic it using GameSparks.

The questions are:

1.Can I use other network services like GameSparks as a tunnel for the Unreal network system?

2.Since AI can be very random ( My game has an enemy system similar to Doom’s original AI where monsters are roaming around randomly and attack the player or other monsters when needed ).
How can I keep all AI enemies in sync without constantly sending network updates almost every frame?

Also Since the network updates are not instant, the AI monsters can make other decisions in each PC.

I assume Unreal’s system is doing it with the most efficient way.