AI Behavior Tutorial Error

So im following Epics AI BehaviorTree tutorial

But i have think i messed something up…
My Basic AI waits until im in range, starts follwing me.
But he never stops…
And everything i got is an error thats says:

Heres the BP for that - Whatis wrong?

Ive tried many things now but it seems not effective…
The AI keeps running after me. Never stopping. And something is causing errors. This tutorial in the wiki realy is bad XD

I think the Tutorial is out of date. It was made for 4.4 or something. 4.6 and above changed alot.
I’ve been working with AI BT alot lately and can give you some pointers.
Let me know.

These links were very good.

Logically youd need a condition to stop following, otherwise your logic flows as follows…

1-Wait until player controller is in range of say a trigger box
2-Follow said player and attack…Forever :wink:

Maybe have a second trigger box, once the player controller gets outside the second larger trigger box, the unit stops following, or once the player controller leaves a certain arena the AI stops following. In order to convert what is likely the issue, youll need a separate event to end the follow command.

Note, I couldnt really read anything on your BP :stuck_out_tongue: so I didnt pay much attention to it.

Any luck with this problem? I am facing the same problem. AI character keeps chasing my character always.

Hi. I have somehow managed to get it working in version 4.8.
The problem was with the behavior tree where we were calling “Move To” node and applying Target Location to it. It was not returning a true value somehow. I replaced this node with a custom task which was very similar to RapidMoveTo task that we created in tutorial. Only Changes were , AIMoveTo node is provided with destination input from Last Target Location present in Blackboard and on FINISH EXECUTE node checkmark the SUCCESS.
Move To Last Target Location.PNG

The behavior tree will look something like this.