AI Behavior Tree not working properly

I have a problem with my AI. I have done everything as it says in this tutorial except the fact that I have it done in a first person example. My Ghost has my controller as it’s Controller, it goes to the PatrolLocation absolutely perfectly, but it doesn’t change the values for PlayerKey and SightKey in the BehaviorTree in order to chase the player. Can someone help me fix the chasing player thing?

I have tested by printing what it sees, this is the Blueprint setup:

This is the setup that doesn’t work, same blueprint:

Behavior Tree setup:

BTT_FindRandomPatrol: (works)

BTT_ChasePlayer Task:

P.S.: I have posted it here because I have an error logging into my account on AnswerHub

I encountered the same problem, and I also cannot find the way to solve it, Do you fixed this issue?