Ai backwards walking possible using blueprints?

Is a reverse “move to” possible, what math is required for this to happen?

What do you mean by reverse move.

If you want to walk backwards, do that with an animation in a Blendspace and set it up in an AnimInstance. Then instead of playing a walking forward animation, play a walking backwards one instead.

I have done this, the animation plays correctly but the ai still moves forward,

I feel like I need a reverse orient rotation to movement variable. I have no idea.

You’ll probably want to implement a regular velocity/rotation based blendspace to handle the actual animation- but probably have the AI controller “focus” on what you want the AI to look at.

The ai is looking at me, just want him to start backing up instead of going forward on a switch

Rotate the pawn mesh 180 degrees and play the Walk Backwards animation and use Move To

If you are using the character movement component, you need to unflar the Orient variable.

You’ll then be able to control the exact rotation of your character.

Alternatively, you can rotate the skeletal mesh within the character BP from the forward vector towards the player character.

This thread is similar and should give you some ideas:

Rotating the pawn mesh will have its back facing me, I need the pawn looking at me + moving backward.

Not if you make the change on a single frame. rotate the character 180 degrees, then rotate the mesh 180 degrees. You shouldn’t notice the change. It’s movement component’s forward vector will be away while the mesh will face.

Thank you, this makes sense, will try it.

Im running into another problem, the AI keeps rotating the capsule back +180.