AI attack both players? How?

I want my AI to attack both my player 1 and player 2. Have tried now for many hours and also looking for videos about it. They are of course different character mesh

I use a blackboard and a behave tree. I have seen something about using “Get all actors by class” but the trail stops there. I wanna do it via BH and BB. Not pawn…

Can somebody help me plzzz :slight_smile:

Bumping it up, i’m really stuck

You may want to try get all actors by class and then, under the class option, select third person character. This will result in an array, do a for each loop out of the array so that you can cycle through the characters applying damage to all third person characters in this instance. You could limit damage to characters in a certain range or in line of site etc.

Thank you for an answer, almost gave up on this. Well I try to understand what you mean, but I don’t get it… Uploaded pic for u to see, may look retarded haha.

This is probably not even hard to fix but It gives me so much frustration not know it…

Edit: When the AI see’s player2 he’s running to player1… even when player1 is out of sight… and range

So both Players are an Thirdperson.

I make an “create player” in the Level blueprint to get an splitscreen. I drag both players out into the level. But the AI just runs to Player1 even when the AI just see’s player2. It’s like the player1 is the magnet for the AI, even tho he see’s player2.

Hey fryzz94,

Here’s a blueprint I made previously that does damage to all pawns within 1000 distance of the sphere mesh I had in the level. It’s basically a pulsing orb and if things get to close it applies damage. I have a healing orb that heals, I use the same object just put in a negative damage (-5 for example). I’m just learning but hopefully this gives you an idea.

Thank you for taking the time.
Will this also make the AI follow both draged-in character?

Gonna try this soon.

does no one knows how to make the AI attack or follow player1 and player2?:frowning: