Ai animation rotation and collison

Good Day,

I am using the first person template as a basis and ive added the Animation tutorial pack Epic provides for my AI animations. The problem is the AI doesn’t turn properly as it jitters when it does, its not smooth transition when turning. I am not sure what I can do to fix this.

Also I am having trouble getting the first person projectile to even collide with my AI let own delete the ai, ive tried Hit actor and overlapping event but am sure there something ive done wrong there for it not to work, any simple solutions.

if you need some additional info just ask and ill provide pics, also i knew there’s a way to implement pictures onto here but I dont know it as I am a first time poster

It’s possible that it’s not your programming but the collision primitive(s) on your character that are causing both problems. Have you checked whether they’re shaped as expected and are on the appropriate collision channel(s)?