AI Anim Graph rotate on the right instigator (multiplayer)

I create an AI with a “move to” the player who shoot on him. (It’s a multiplayer game, so the AI switch between the last who shoot on him)
On the Bp Anim of the AI, i create this for the AI rotate to the character who shoot.
But i have a problem, the AI move to the right Character when i shoot with one of them, but he always rotate to the same character (player character index0, i think the serveur).
I don’t know how to make like the Move to for the rotation of the AI to rotate towards the character who shoot on him.
Can you know an answer?
Thanks a lot! (and sorry for my english :wink: )

You should not put AI logic in AnimBP, but in “Character” Blueprint.
“GetPlayerCharacter” returns local character, not the last who shoot on him.
You can use Event OnHit or Event on Point Damage (or any damage that you implement) and it will return information like Damage Causer which will be actor who made damage.
Aso, you do not need to manually rotate AI, but use Set Focus …

Thanks for the reply!
I put a set focus but i have another problem, the AI don’t rotate himself when the character is on the distance to Character. I don’t know how to make it possible :confused:

Gif of the problem : Screen capture - 965dbe87c2e0ac5863b508ce7150b23a - Gyazo

and I want this : Screen capture - 2356fde689950811dfb734fe0c38c2ad - Gyazo (realize it on the Bp anim, so i can’t setup for multiplayer like you said.)
Thanks for the help!