AI AISense explanation

hallo, i wanted to ask about AISense things, i had already read a documentation about AISense, in there i had found a lot of class about AISense. there would be a lot of class that i can use in thre, like perception, touch and anything. the problem is i was pretty noob in this area. can anyone in here explain about that classes? because i think the documentation itself is rather minimum also if there is a wiki about it, it gonna be very helpful.


There’s no documentation since the new PerceptionSystem is not fully on-line yet, and is totally opt-in. Can’t commit to any dates regarding when it will be ready. All I can say sooner than later. Engine’s default perception system is still the PawnSensingComponent.

Having said that, new PerceptionSystem is up and running, it’s just missing the final convenience features and API polish. If you can figure it out on your own you can use it as much as you want :wink:


Thx for the fast reply, i really still a noob in ue4. I also post a question.about node memory and braincomponent usage in bt. Because it also had really minimum explanation in the docs. I already learning about ai module in the past two weeks and my understanding about the architecture is stil not good. For now i was already can do much. But it’s not as what unreal encourage (like instead doin condition checkin in the task, Use decorator) but it was way more easier to do that in the task. Like condition checkin for value from blackboard. Using decorator when the task been executing. We only can make it fail when it had been finish executing the task. But it really easily can be done in the task. (However it makes my code not so event driven like what i wanted), the docs and wiki is really a must so we can use it like what it was had been designed. I Think so…


I’m sorry, but this is not related to the question. Please post it as a separate question so that people looking for answers will be able to find it. And please tag it properly so that I get an email notification when you post it.

ok thank mr MieszkoZ. :smiley: