Ai Aiming at an other AI

I’ve been trying to make an Actor (AI_01) moving to the player location with a ‘‘OnSeePawn’’ Event and a ‘‘Ai MoveTo’’ and it work perfectly fine.

But I have an other Actor (AI_02) which I wish it Aim to the previous Actor (AI_01). I only want it to Rotate to my AI_01 Location so when my AI_01 Reach its target succesfully, AI_02 Would trigger a throw a Knife animation to the AI_01 Curent location.

I even tried to make my AI_02 chase the AI_01 as a test with the ‘‘OnSeePawn’’ Event and a ‘‘Ai MoveTo’’ but both AI doesn’t respond with one and another.

Does anyone can help me?

i Just found something that looks like what i needed so if anyone got the same probleme as i had, just check this !