AI - After chasing for about 15 seconds, enemies will dissapear (HELP)

Hello and thanks for reading. Below is my youtube video showing this problem happening. Basically I’m following weaver’s tutorial set and am at the point of doing basic AI for my enemies. However after about 18 seconds, they disappear. below are screenshots of my graphs… and I’ve even put a print string AFTER the DESTROY ACTOR node, to fire off a “KILLING MYSELF” text… which never happens… so its some funky weird happenings goin on that I cant figure out.

All help is greatly appreciated!


BaseEnemy BP:


PlayerChase BBTask:

Player Position BBTask:

I have experienced this too, although on an under powered machine and on an earlier version UE4…I never did get to the bottom of it…

Did you maybe set a life time value for the enemy? This is a setting inside the character sheet, at the bottom.

YOU SIR ARE A GOD! It was set to 20 seconds… spot on answer :slight_smile: THANKS UNIT23!!!