AI Activating trigger boxes

I have a Level with teleport and a AI that follows you once triggered the aim is to complete the game before AI catches you, but when you trigger the AI he kills you after 5 secs and i can see why if i take the destroy actor node out its follows you around and stays right behind you but when its the node is there you don’t even see the AI it just triggers the Destroy actor without the character overlapping the sphere component any help would be nice thanks. :slight_smile:

ok what are you asking because this is somewhat confusing here. Is the sphere component on the AI bot or on the player? or is it something just placed in the level somewhere? Hard to help with limited or confusing information here. Screen shots would be nice as well.

Basically how do i stop The AI from activating trigger boxes.

Also if you read when i said the character without overlapping sphere component which by that i mean the AI sphere, i just want the AI to be able to kill you when he comes to you but it seems to kill you when he is no where near you kinda hard to show screenshots of that since you cant actually see the sphere when you get killed, the idea is that the sphere will come to you and kill you but it kills your when it is no where near you.

The image for the blob shows what i ha

this is the simple move to actor method where all the AI does is move to you.

So you want to trip these trigger events and when the player trips them then you will have the blob move to the player? if I am understanding that right then this is all you have to do. Off the trigger box node you want to drag from Other Actor and select the node for actor has tag. Give the player a tag and make sure its the same as what you put in this tag field. Then make a branch and connect it to the execution node from the trigger box and connect the condition with the actor has tag node. This will cause the trigger to only fire when an actor with the assigned tag cross over it. In this case the player. You wold do the same if you have a trigger that only the bot could fire off and not the player. As for the kill sphere of the Blob, do you have that sphere collision within the Blob character blueprint? if you do then you need to make sure all of the code you do for the killing is there as well. Within the graph of the blob character blueprint you wold take that sphere component and then do an onactor overlap and drag off the actor peg and cast to your player character Blueprint (defualt is My_Character if 4.6 and FirstPersonCharacter in 4.7) from there you want to get what ever information you are going to be using from the peg there. I will upload an image of how I did mine to show you hopefully it will help. I have to update my UE4 Launcher apparently so when that is done I will post the images for you. Both of the trigger tag system and of the boss one shot kill system I have based off his collision box. If you need some more direct help I can get in a skype call with you and will be more than glad to help you solve this issue. Deathtoallretards is my skype name. I know I should make a more professional one which I will get to doing that sooner or later. Shows a video that I made for pickups but it has the same trigger/tag system that you are looking for as i only wanted my player to pick up the stuff and not my bots when making the original game.

And usually when asking for screens of something its the code we are looking at, not the actually in game scenes. Hard to help sometimes without the code but I hope that I have you well understood and am going to post the screens now of the two items above in hopes they help. Also it isn’t my pickups that has it but my Checkpoints so ignore the above posted video and goto the one for checkpoints I think its 6 or 7 it will be called Checkpoints so not hard to find. In the below images you will hopefully find your answer. Side note I do not use the apply damage system for taking health away as I feel that is a faulty system and I never was one for adding health to a player through a negative number. so my Current Health node there is just how much health my player has avaible and is what controls when he will die. Well I hope these help and if not let me know and I will see what else I can come up with to give you a hand.

OH also that small box is the attack trigger box the bigger box is for player detection and making the mob chase you if he sees you.