[AI] Ability to orientate nav mesh grids to nav mesh volume yaw.

If I place a nav mesh volume then the grid inside is orientated to the world axis.

When I’m creating scenery that’s aligned to a different axis, and it cannot be re-aligned to the world, then the nav mesh may fail to build in narrow gaps. Merging & Simplifcation do not help here.


Is it possible to get a ‘Orientate Voxel Grid to Nav Mesh Bounds Rotation’ option on Nav Mesh Bounds Volumes so that we can have off-axis nav meshes?

[EDIT] Please note that those shots were taken with the Nav Mesh Tile and Agent Radius lengths drop down to around 4 units. The gaps in the doors are around 40 units in width.

Hey Jimmy_Jazz,

I have placed a feature request report to our developers for the feature you’d like to see in the Unreal Engine. If for any reason you need to reference this report, please refer to: UE-12495

Thanks! :slight_smile: