Agents characters pack

Agent pack is now on Trello voting board.
Package contains three unique characters, fourth is added as a bonus. These are skined, game ready characters, retargeted to Epic humanoid rig. You can use them as agents , bodyguards, policemans, mafiosos etc. Each character have 2k diffuse, normal, roughness, specular maps connected to fully custamizable material, that let’s you change the look of characters to your needs. It is perfect for any type of game and for prototyping games. Polycount for characters is: 7970, 8508, 9043 and 7792 triangles.

You can see it and vote here:
Agents characters pack](




How much is this going to cost?

Looks pretty good, though I think the hands are too big (no really, they’re huge).

Anyway, everyone looks like there’s some serious business going on ^^/

It will be for 65 $

Looks good nice to see more character packs heading for the marketplace

Great work, good price. Have my vote. :slight_smile:

thanks guys
Is there a determined number of votes, that grants a package to get itnto the marketplace?

From the Guideline page:

This looks brilliant! This is exactly the sort of thing I would like to get my hands on. Sci-fi and Fantasy are very popular, but contemporary seems quite hard to come by. I’ve voted and subscribed, and I’m looking forward to seeing it released.

Any possibility of a female version, in future?

That’s a good idea, I was thinking about something else , but this is worth to think about. thx

lmao the hands do look crazy big why is that? great package just why do the hands looks o big is it the pictures?

Would fit my project if the hands were not so noticeable. They make these serious characters have a cartoonish/caricature vibe.

yes , hands are big. Some of this was made intentionally. In default pose it looks a litle wierd , but when added animation to character they look less wierd. In my opinion when characters have bigger fists, they read more powerfull and strong. But maybe it I went to far, I will have to double check it.

I agree hands is one of those things that looks goofy in pose yet read better in game. Assuming that all of the character as based on the same alpha mesh you could add hand sizes as a morph target.

if you made hand size where they could be normal size or etc id buy it quickly

I voted in hopes hands can be resolved keep up the good work

You guys were right, the shape and size of hands were wrong.
So, I’ve tweaked them, and now it’s looking much better.
I’ve updated screens in a first post, so you can check it.
I’ve sent updated packege to Epic, to replace the old one


Voted for ya bro good luck I will buy when ti comes out

Your Agents Pack reminds me of the Deadpool Test Footage goons/thugs :smiley:

That was more or less my intention, that developers could use them as a thugs , or agents, or bodyguards etc. Good or bad guys :-). Whatever you like