Agency Classified: The Dr. Waltz Study

This game is a single player game where are sent on a mission to find information on Dr. Waltz.

Dr. Waltz did everything to further his studies even running tests on his family, which led to them turning. So, your main goal is to finally put Dr. Waltz and his family to rest

I like the Resident Evil games so that where my inspiration came from.

In the game you need to use your ammo wisely, you don’t have to kill every zombie.
You have to loot ammo from chest, crate, or random boxes. The zombies can drop ammo sometimes or you can find materials to craft ammo.

This island is my newest one it was on the Discover page for an hour before being taking off for some reason so no one is playing it now, so I decide to post this here to see if anybody here would be interested in playing it.

Island Code: 1822-4690-8648