Agencies for ArchViz?

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask. I’m working in a startup and want to branch out into ArchViz development. We have already done a small contract under NDA for an architect company, however we want to pursue other organisations. Do you guys have any recommendations on channels to look into? like agencies or boards? I understand there’s unreal forum posting and CGtrader, but I’m not quite familiar with the ArchViz landscape as of yet.

Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!

I can only speak to my own knowlage of owning my own ArchViz studio so keep that in mind.
If you want to branch out into the ArchViz industry a big part of obtaining clients is about who you know. Return clients and referrals are our biggest source of incoming jobs. You need to market yourself in a way that can obtain those clients. There really is no easy job board or simple agencies that will do this work for you. Most of that caters to independent freelance artists anyways. If you’re really trying to have your startup break into this field you need to do this work yourself. There’s no website that’s just going to give it to you.
I hope this was helpful.

I work at Zoan, we use UE4 for ArchViz: