Aged Tools Pack

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Some of you have seen my WIP thread (
This pack contains 20 various old tools.
They’re great as part of environment, and you can also use them as weapons.
Every model is based on real life object, has uniqe 4k Albedo, Normal, Metalness, Roughness and AO maps. Polycount varies from 500-3000 depending on the model.
Each asset was created in that way, so with basic knowledge of 3D software you can disassemble blades and use them as you wish.

You can preview all of them at my Sketchfab:

Pack will cost 30$ :slight_smile:

Very nice. Do the assets have LODs?

Thanks :slight_smile:
No, there are no LOD stages, because they’re quite low poly, and supported platforms are PCs and consoles. If you really need, you will be able to make your own, but as far as I know, even 3k (wich have only few assets) is not much :wink:
Collision was automatically generated in Unreal Engine :slight_smile:

I’m happy to annouce that this submittion passed first stage, initial acceptance, the files will be now reviewed by Marketplace team and we’ll see if it’s good enough :slight_smile:

i really like the pack ! well done !
but i think you should optimize the two brooms with some 2d textures with opacity at the end of them to make them more real.
so they end a little plump in my opinion …

He created these tool because he was bored… XD
Its over 9000.


Thanks :wink:
Yeah, at the beginning I planned to make only few of them as PBR practice (bored on holidays :stuck_out_tongue: ), but then I’ve got several very nice comments on few forums, but question “When it will be available on Marketplace?” motivated me :smiley: I had no idea it will turn out to be so good to be on Epic’s standards :slight_smile:
I’ve signed necessary agreements, so I guess it will be available for public soon :wink:
I will also make FREE sample with BONUS - wheelbarrow :smiley:

@stucki - brooms are very simple beacuse the’re designed to just stay in corner as environment detail :slight_smile:

I’d buy! I’m in need of odds and sods like this

Mark your calendars! This pack will be on Marketplace November 4th :smiley:

The pack is released and available on Unreal Marketplace! :smiley: -

How can I change thread tag to [RELEASED] ?

Pack is now compatible with 4.10 and you can check out FREE sample - broom, hammer, hatchet, shovel and additional FREE bonus: wheelbaroow! -