Age of Blades - Aendis

Hi everybody!

We’re Woke Interactive, a small two person studio from Cordoba, Argentina!

We’d like to show you the first GAMEPLAY trailer we just released of our current game in development Age of Blades - Aendis.

You can find more info about the game on!

Brief Game Description:

Age of Blades - Aendis is an action-adventure, third person game.

The game merges the classic feel of adventure, exploration and story progression from “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time” in an open world, with aesthetics and combat mechanics influenced by Shadow Of Mordor, Dark Souls, and Assasins Creed.

After millions of years sealed away from this world, Rialzar, an evil ruler from the age of the gods, has awoken and is gathering his forces once again to dominate the land of Zaenas.
To prevent Rialzar from regaining his true power, Liev the commander of the Royal Guard, a small force of elite soldiers under the Kings order, sends Aendis on a mission to recover the lost Fragments of Rialzars power.
Aendis and his guardian spirit Amber must find the ancient temples where the Spirit Tribe sealed Rialzars power millions of years ago and gather the lost fragments of Rialzars power before he does otherwise the land of Zaenas will be doomed.

To learn more about the game story visit our website!

Basic facts:

Genre: Third person Action-Adventure
Setting: Medieval Fantasy - ***Aderas ***Universe
Players: Single player
Platform: PC - Windows and Consoles
Engine: Ue4
Development Team: Woke | Interactive (Cordoba, Argentina)

Game Screenshots:


We’d love to hear any comments and feedback about the game and don’t hesitate to ask any question!
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Just to let you know we featured you on Instagram today! Fantastic work so far on Aendis and I can’t wait to see more :smiley:

Wow this looks really cool. It almost reminds me of a classical Zelda with a Link character archetype, but with an addition that is glazed with perfection; elements of Mature fantasy games, like TES. Fantastic!

Can I feature your game, its bio and this link on my website? It is an blog that is meant to be an updated list of Indie titles, their track, with an effort to push their awareness to cornered markets that may be interested. I ask because I feel it is only appropriate to ask before doing so. If not, I still wish you and your game good luck!

Hi Jess! Thanks so much! We’re honored it means a lot to us!

Thanks Nolea94 that’s definitely the style where going for!
We’d be glad to get featured on you website! Send me a link afterwards so we can share it!
We’ve got plenty of images and information on our presskit
If you need any additional information hit me up at!