After working with sequencer: Unreal frequently crashes! (kernel32)


I am a team member of a university project, in which we want to create an animated short and real-time render it in Unreal. (I am pretty much an unreal beginner btw)

We have started with a rough blocking of all cameras (and rough placements of the characters) and finished it yesterday. Until recently, everything worked (mostly) fine, but since a few days ago, Unreal keeps crashing almost frequently. It mostly happens after starting and opening the master-sequence, (scrolling right in the sequencer triggers this very often) but sometimes the crash occurs randomly, without a warning, even when I don’t work with the sequencer.

This is the error message I receive:

**Unhandled exception

ntdll **

On another site, it was suggested to update generally all drivers, especially the graphics card drivers. I also reinstalled Unreal. Both suggestions didn’t work, and to my surprise, when our team opened the project on two other computers, they regularly crash with the same error as well.

Our team is out of options, as we have no idea what might be causing this, and working only for 1-4 minutes before the engine crashes is an absolute disaster, as we want to finish our project this semester.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, we all are completely clueless and grateful for any help.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Try ctrl+c in the UE4 crash popup, that should give you a better error message.

I’ve seen something similar that was caused by frame rate settings (fixed frame rate). But no idea what the crash in your case is.

a quick google search shows that error looks like something with nvidia drivers?
maybe try updating windows and nvidia up to date.

otherwise you can check crash logs for unreal