After working on the Action RPG Tutorial (VLH), what should I do next?

So I’ve just got a gaming PC which will be extremely useful for game development via UE4 (also spent £590 on it…) since I’m doing a games development course. Last year (well, March - May if you search up "Turn based JRPG) I tried to create a turn based RPG or at least the barebone mechanics of it within 8 weeks. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan, with 7 of those just researching and trying to find tutorials, then deciding to work on creating an Action RPG via the Virtus Learning Hub tutorials. I get motion sickness so I can’t play or make first person games, shooters, etc and RPGs are my favourite genre, just simply due to all the mechanics that work together in unison at one time, that’s why I chose it. I had some practise with the engine before the project started, and now I’ve decided to continue working on that ARPG project.

I’m following the Virtus Learning Hub Action RPG tutorial, and I was wondering after this, what would people suggest I do next for this project, since it sets up the mechanics but not the world. Also I see that he tells us to download and install the grass/fire/ice lands (Infinity Blade assets) but doesn’t end up using them, so should I follow a tutorial using these or instead follow his Level Building tutorial instead, or is there a better tutorial to teach how to build a level elsewhere? I’m just wondering what I could do after this playlist to further develop my Game Dev skills and also make this into a good demo of a game (akin to the Action RPG Template Epic Games launched on Marketplace.)

Have a look at my Turn-Based jRPG Template: