After using Unreal 2 editor, Then Unreal 3, then UDK. Unreal 4 is :

I spent a year on the unreal 2 editor many years ago which was fun. The unreal 3 editor - come UDK a few years later was awesome and I have spent a few years in UDK, as a solo dev there was a lot to learn in UDK for every aspect of the development of my games.

After using Unreal 4 for 2 weeks, WOW! Everything is so much easier, even down to assigning some player input. The blueprint system is a godsend for me as I am an artists at heart and although i have learned a lot from unrealscript and accomplished many things, Blueprints are much more user friendly for an artist.

As with all good feedback, there should also be some negative so you guys at EPIC don’t all get big heads and cant fit in the same office anymore. So my only drawback is the amount of crashes i have had. This is alleviated somewhat from the awesome auto-save feature which is essential for me.

Great Job :slight_smile: I look forward to producing something Epic with U4 :slight_smile:

Hey Swilliams,

Thank you for the feedback as it’s always appreciated, even the negatives. :slight_smile:

With the crashes that you’re experiencing would you be able to provide some feedback on what’s causing these for you? If you haven’t already it would be appreciated if you could post these to AnswerHub in the Bug Reports section and our support staff can take a look to see if we can reproduce these.

It’s always helpful to include the version of the engine you’re using, the logs and dmp files with the call stack of the crash, along with any steps that you’re aware of to cause the crash. This information is always greatly appreciated and will help us to get these reported with a repro so that an engineer can resolve these types of issues.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

All the crashes where in 4.6.1, most of the time - it crashed when i was not doing anything with U4 and had left it : while blowing my nose, editing a texture in another app etc. I have had this since i started it a few weeks ago, i have submitted a few of the reports via the U4, but most of the time i didn’t bother. In two weeks, it has crashed tens of times. However the few days i have spent on 4.7 i have not had one crash, which is a good start, and may have fixed my problem. But in future I will will get you as much info as i can which helps us all :slight_smile:

For reference here is my current spec :

Intel -7 4770
16gb Memory
4gb Frozr 970 graphics card
Windows 7 - OS

Current hardware being used for VR so my rift is connected most of the time (direct to rift - not extended)

Thanks Again and i will let you know how i get on with 4.7 :slight_smile: