After upgrading to UE5 "Play Slot Animation" can't be found

After upgrading to UE5 “Play Slot Animation” can’t be found at all, i was using it in my project almost everywhere, i only found “Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage” it doesn’t give the float return like the “Play Slot Animation” did, plus i’m not sure if it does the same thing at all.

what should i do, any replacement ?

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I looked in the source code and found that, indeed, PlaySlotAnimation has been removed from the engine in UE5.

However, PlaySlotAnimation has been deprecated since UE 4.9!

This was the deprecation notice:
UE_DEPRECATED(4.9, "This function is deprecated, please use PlaySlotAnimationAsDynamicMontage instead.")

So, you must use PlaySlotAnimationAsDynamicMontage.


Thanks for your time and the quick reply. But in “Play slot animation” i had a float returning the time the animation took abd I could easily use that with retriggable delay, how can i mimc that with this function, i need to get the duration out of this AnimMontage return?

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As you said PlaySlotAnimationAsDynamicMontage returns an AnimMontage, which is much more powerful for control than the time returned from PlaySlotAnimation.

This should solve your problem:


I really can’t thank you enough <3
so grateful for this <3

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Kinda old thread I know, but just noticed this issue in UE5 Preview 1.
Won’t using Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage have a higher performance impact though?
In comparison to the deprecated Play Slot Animation.

what is cost of new one compare to old one ?

its not available in 5.1 i guess new create slot exist