After updating to 4.13, game crashes when launched from editor

I updated to 4.13 from 4.12.5, and my game ran fine, but having saved and checked in, the next time I opened the game and tried to run it, it crashes. Reproduces on two machines.


Hi adamoverton,

In addition to the crash report, is there any additional information you can provide about this crash so that we can reproduce it on our end? Do you still have a working copy in UE4.12.5? If so, would you be willing to share this file?

Also, please provide as many of the following as possible:

  1. Your dxdiag (Windows Start Button>(search “dxdiag”)>Launch dxdiag>select “Save all information”>attach text file to your post.)
  2. “UE4.log” Located: Engine\Saved\Logs\
  3. “ProjectName.log” Located: ProjectName\Saved\Logs\

Providing this information and appropriate logs will help us track down and isolate the source of the bug as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Hi , thank you for your response. I attached my dxdiag and 2 ProjectName logs. Just projectName was 0 bytes so I gave you two previous ones, including dated today. There was no logs directory in my 4.13\engine\Saved directory. I went directly from 4.11.2 to 4.13. I have a github repository with pushes directly before and after the transition to 4.13, and could add you or whoever needs it to be able to get a repro. It’s a relatively simple/early blueprint only game at this point.

link text

link text

In your second log there seems to be a problem with the Turrent Blueprint which may be causing the crash:

[2016.05.16-17.52.36:511][965]EditorErrors:Warning: Warning Error saving 'G:/adam/projects/CatGame/Content/Blueprints/TurretBP.uasset'
[2016.05.16-17.52.38:725][213]LogActorComponent: UnregisterComponent: (/Engine/Transient.CharMoveComp) Not registered. Aborting.

To troubleshoot I recommend the following:

  1. Open a copy of the original project in UE4.11.2 and deleting this asset. Then opening a copy of the copy with the deleted asset in UE4.13.
  2. If it opens, you can try to migrate the TurretBP asset separately from UE4.11.2 to UE4.13.
  3. If it crashes at that point, remove the asset from the project folder and rebuild the asset from scratch in the UE4.13 version.
  4. If it crashes before migrating the TurretBP, delete the Saved, Intermediate, and Config folders from the Project Folder of the copy without the turret and then try to open.

Let me know if any of these steps prevents the crash.

I will do this!

Incidentally, my problem is not crash on Open, but crash on Run. I infer from step 2 that perhaps you thought it was crash on Open. Does that change the troubleshooting steps at all since I can manipulate the Turret and other assets in 4.13?

I followed these steps:

  1. I rolled back to 4.11.2
  2. I opened my project in 4.11.2, and deleted the TurretBP file from within the editor. I had it substitute GolemBP instead.
  3. Play game, it basically works.
  4. Save and the open in 4.13, I did the convert in place option (I figure this is what source control is for).
  5. Crash on start anyway. Same stack trace.

Attached the new log, the error you caught before does not appear. (Searched for Abort)

link text

Yes, I thought you meant it was crashing on open. In any event, most errors point to the TurretBP and then in both logs we see:

[2016.05.16-17.52.38:725][213]LogActorComponent: UnregisterComponent: (/Engine/Transient.CharMoveComp) Not registered. Aborting.

I have not been able to find a definitive reason for this although there is a workaround posted here: Movement Component Error (Not registered. Aborting) as well as bug that has not been fixed (UE-6447) where “changing variable defaults in parent BP does not update changes in child.”

If you have this blueprint set up in your project you may have to implement the workaround.

Let me know if this does not resolve your issue.

This did not resolve my problem. Though, I’m not sure how to do exactly what was said as I don’t have a reset all defaults option on my property page.

I’m going to revert to 4.11.2 and not upgrade.

Unfortunately this means I can’t use C++ classes at all as the new VS breaks with 4.11.2.

The quick fix on the following forum link addresses this issue so that you can use C++ classes with UE4.11:

Current Available Quick-Fix Solutions