After Update to VS 2015 from VS 2013 nothing works,

Hi there,

i have a very strange Problem. Yesterday i wantet to start with a android game. But i can’t compile it. So i installed Visual Studio Community 2015 with updates. But i have VS 2013 allready installed. Good: I can compile Andoid.

Now, i can’t compile my mainproject anymore. This Project is in UE 4.10.4 with C++ code in it. Till the update i was able to compile all. Not i have this Errors:

  • The first error was, that i uses a incompatible Version
  • The second one was, that the precompiled Header are different to the new one…
  • After i uninstalled both Version of VS, i installed a new one VS 2013 Community with updates.
  • Now i get the error, fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'tbbmalloc.lib

I uninstalled the Version again and now i install a new one.

What is the Problem? I changed nothing on the Engine. What can i do. Pleas help me, i Need to work on my game.


  • Unreal Engine 4.10.4
  • I use the Launcher Version of the Engine. Not the source code


After trying now for over 6 houres i think i have use format c:

Is there no way to find the problem?

So a new complete installation of windows and all programs, the problem still exists. I think the project is broken.

Is there any way to make a new project and copy the files in that folder?