After Transferring a project, I can't open it without it crashing

Other than trying to fix the project crashing, is there a way to “repair” the files just in case??


Could you provide me with the crash log? You can find the log file in you project folder under Saved>Logs.

“C:\Users*Your Username*\Documents\Unreal Projects\Sandbox\Saved\Logs”

Which file? There’s two of them that you might be referring to: Crashes and logs. Which do I send?

Oh found it nevermind, here it islink text

Did you use the “Convert in place” option when upgrading the project to the latest engine version? There is no way to repair files, but you could try removing assets from your project (using windows explorer), and then opening the project again. You could repeat this process until it opens. If it opens this will narrow down what asset(s) (if any) have been corrupted.

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