After the Suns

Hi everyone!

My name is Ignacio Medina, and I love making videogames that could reflect all my fantasies. From my childhood, to the present.

I did this videogame with the help of my brother to create all the ideas, and finally we could finish the first episode of our videogame.

In our childhood, we had imaginary stories of all known characters (Marvel Characters, DC Characters, Dragon Ball Z Characters, etc). Indeed, we loved make an union of these stories into a same universe.

Now, we’ve decided to create our own universe. With our own characters, and with our own stories.

In this case, the videogame is about of an unknown tribe, with their unique gods and languages, that you’ll play as a warrior woman who has to know her own quest into a horror adventure/hack and slash.

For now, the videogame is available in But we hope that our videogame will be also available on Steam.

Kinds Regards!

**Screenshots: **