After the Suns


My name is Ignacio Medina. I’m from Argentina, and this is my videogame that I’m developing:…&t=0s&index=13

The title is The Faceless Ones. It’s about a female aztec warrior mother, that the only thing that she wants, is find and rescue her son, trapped by the Gods with their intentions to sacrifice him. So the protagonist must pass throught circles arena battle tests, fighting against fallen aztec warriors, to prove her vigor and bravery before the Gods.

This is a videogame that I’m developing alone. I couldn’t study Unreal Engine in a School or University because, in my country, is too expensive. And because I love Unreal Engine, I decided to learn for my own. And I assume that my game can have many bugs and glitchs (visual, details, or even via code). And I’m always opened to improve and learn from you.

So, any review (positive, negative, or constructive) will be appreciated :slight_smile:


PD: sorry my english!

Very interesting visual style. I like it very much.

Thank you, mihovil! :slight_smile:

Hola Ignacion muchas felicidades, tiene muy buen ambiente, tambien estoy iniciando en esto. Es muy bueno tu juego y su estilo tambien muy llamativo. Creo solo falta manejar si asi lo deseas una luz ambiental, y tambien aveces como que el personaje se pierde en las sombras esta muy oscuro. Podrias generar un brillo de particulas que acompañe a tu personaje con un emitter, que genere luz para poder distinguirlo entre las sombra. Es solo una idea. Por lo demas sigue adelante es muy bueno tu juego.

You are doing that by yourself? That looks amazing!

Looks fantastic so far, I hope you will have a good story to go with the fighting. Beautiful visual style, great sound (enemies and swords), nice music fitting the style. And you did it all on your own, keep up the good work! Hope to see more varied environment and enemies :wink:

Your are fearless Ignacio Medina @dodolfo44 . Game is amazing with unique visuals and story line. Loved it…

AnkurRastogi, aquaTICKworld, rolytnz, VIZMEMO, Thanks you very much all of you!! :slight_smile: I’m really motivated!!

**aquaTICKworld yes! I’m going to do more environments and enemies!

VIZMEMO ¡¡Muchas gracias!! ¡Me encantó tu corrección y es por eso que ahora mismo estoy corrigiendo más detalles!**

I want to show you this another link:

In this link I’m trying to show you the lighting and shadows fixed. I added some cinematics and a puzzle. However, there are probably things that must be improved in base of the tecnical orientation that you have given to me.

Newly, if I must to fix more things, just let me know and I’ll glad to improve from you! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I want to inform that I had to change the Thread title and the links name because I realized that “The Faceless Ones” name already exists. So I had to change the main title by this one: “After the Suns”.
However, I’ll keep posting about the game work progress :slight_smile:

Thank you and regards!

Me parece interesante que retomes la cultura Azteca para tu videojuego. En general me parece un estilo visual que podria ser interesante y distintivo, pero al momento lo sigo sintiendo un poco oscuro para los personajes protagonicos ya que solo se aprecia bien iluminado una parte de sus cuerpos pero lo demas se ve oscuro, como la parte de los pies. Los materiales de los personajes cuando estan bien iluminados se siente muy plasticos, tienen mucho glossy y por ejemplo un brazo no lo genera así normalmente. El estilo visual que se ve de tu proyecto en el Marketplace de Epic Games es diferente al de los videos, la verdad me esperaba otra cosa. Siendo estrictos culturalmente tu personaje principal más que ser azteca es una catrina, el cual es un personaje que se desarrollo en Mexico por el año 1900. Las armas más que aztecas son españolas, el tipo de “espada” que tenian los aztecas es diferente. Las texturas de los contrincantes no se aprecian bien. Los Aztecas tenian diferentes tipos de guerreros, con vestuarios bastante bien definidos, a lo mejor eso te podria ayudar a definir niveles ó nivel de poder de los contrincantes. Sigue adelante. Saludos.

Ricardo Moctezuma

**MocteMx: **

¡Hola Ricardo!

Tus reseñas son razonables, y las aprecio para tenerlos bien en cuenta.
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con el tema de los materiales, y es algo que voy a seguir mejorando.
Pero me gustaría aclarar algunos detalles:
En principio, es probable que me haya expresado mal desde el primer post al revelar de forma casi estricta que el juego se sitúa en la cultura azteca. Quiero aclarar que ésto no es así. No son aztecas. Es una cultura ficticia tomando de referencias de la cultura azteca. Incluso, si has visto el segundo vídeo, ni siquiera hablan nahuatl. Sino un idioma totalmente ficticio. Además, estoy casi seguro que en el juego ni siquiera aparecerán los españoles con armas de fuego. Y lo que es más crucial, la época en que se sitúa el juego es totalmente atemporal.
Con esto quiero decir que mi intención no es hacer un juego que respete sucesos reales. Sino que, entrando un poco en mi intimidad, es hacer una historia ficticia que llevo armándola desde que era niño.
De todos modos, ¡gracias por tu opinión! :slight_smile:

Ignacio Medina.

Hi everyone!

I have maden the first boss for the After the Suns videogame.
Is a tribal God, taken reference from Huitzilopochtli aztec God to make a fictional culture, and the next link shows a gameplay about the protagonist defeating him (I have created two cinematics).

Maybe is not a official boss for the videogame, because there are a lot details that I’d like to polish. For example, in some video seconds it slows down. That’s why I’d like to see your opinions, because always I forget to fix a lot of details (bugs, glitchs, visual effects, etc). And any constructive review I’ll appreciate it very much! :slight_smile:



I want to share you my game progress.
Maybe the duration of the video is too long, as also it’s not urgent that you see all the video.
I only want to know your impressions about the videogame (what features are better or worse than before).
Of course, comments and reviews are welcome.

Thanks in advance!


After creating some assets and props, with the help of my brother to think about mythologies and tribal cultures around the world, I’m trying to make my own tribe and display it in my videogame. I’d like to share you some screenshots and a gameplay to show you my game roadmap. I hope you like it.



The game looks really good! I hope you get help from other developers so you don’t have to do everything on your own. Are you planning to translate the subtitles? I don’t personally think you should translate the voice acting. Keep that in Spanish.

Thanks you, Markus. Yeah, in fact I have english subtitles already. But I just forgot to put it in the gameplay, as I recently realized.

Another gameplay of my videogame. Still in progress, but moving forward.


I’m keeping in mind to improve my videogame. I could modify some features and I’d like to share you an old version of my project and a new version.

​ My idea is just to keep improving from a certain mistakes that I did.


Videogame Evolution Link: