After the new Nvidia driver, why is my Unreal Engine crashing and swarming with bugs?

Alrighty, so I got quite the doozy for everyone today, so bear with me and hear me out, I’d be beyond grateful just for that and if possible some incentive on just what the heck to do about all this of course;

Ever since the new Nvidia driver; 461.09, my Unreal Engine across ALL engine version has broken drastically to the point where it’s almost impossible to even use. In all my five years of working day in and day out with the engine, I’ve never come across such as drastic group of hitches, and honestly the only thing I could draw back to every time I tried to figure out why, led back to this driver. Ever since I had it installed, which was probably around this past week, I’ve had some serious hitches. Two of them are huge:

  • Upon fullscreening any project in any engine version (primarily between 4.25 and 4.26) my engine has a very high chance to completely shut down and not respond at all, after a min or two that is, and after a second or two of it realizing it is unresponsive, it also COMPLETELY freezes my pc. I am left with no choice but to hard reset. Only happens when I fullscreen the editor, could be in anything, any level.
  • PIE now crashes the editor nearly every time, even new windows. Standalone is fine, and builds are obviously normal.
  • Editor interfaces now become completely unresponsive after an hour or two + of using the editor in any project or version. I will provide a video later after this is posted if I can, to show you what I mean. The windows disappear after being clicked, everything I try to do in the editor is now rendered impossible. I cannot do a thing after a while of using the editor, I am forced to restart it when it occurs. Occurs particularly with dropdowns, for instance; I select the modes panel at the top and it flickers then disappears, I click it again, flickers and goes away instantly. It does nothing any longer.

And yea, that’s about it, its beyond frustrating, all of this, today I experienced it the most, and learned it also occurred in versions other than 4.26,4.25 as well.

*My hardware config is as follows: An Alienware M17 (No R version just the M17 Laptop), a Intel Core i7 8750H, an installed 32 Gb of dual channeled DDR4 ram, 2070 Max-Q with 8gb of Vram, running on Windows 10.

-Worth noting: No stupid ■■■■ is enabled on my laptop like Nvidia battery boost (which I saw mentioned anyways), etc. I have no idea how to fix this anymore. Also worth noting, I recently upgraded my memory to the 32 Gb from 16, although before this driver, I still had no issues, everything has been fine. Although, today I noticed my power usage on nearly all apps hitting the “very high” mark super quick. I have no idea whether this is normal for things like Unreal Engine, or if I should be concerned at taking a look at the battery or heat sync (although temps seem to have not changed, and neither have paged or nonpaged pools in the memory, everything seems normal stat-wise).

*Edit: I learned the power usage stats were actually normal, and it wasn’t anything to be of concern. I cannot test rolling back my drivers unless I am able to manually configure them (which I’m really on the fence about since everything is automatic these days with Geforce experience). For some reason my last installed drivers are no longer available on this PC, I might be screwed until the next GPU driver update, or alternatively maybe it’s forcing DX 12 on all my projects that still use DX 11 or what is considered Default for Windows in UE4 as of this moment in time. Not sure, but I guess I’ll find out.

*Edit #2: Going to try the studio driver, 460.89 and see what happens.

*Edit #3: Wow, I did not think I’d come back to this but another studio driver rolled out, and also broke my unreal engine. Same issues, took about the same time to show up, 30 minutes or so and a hard reset had to be made. I’m really starting to wonder what the hell Nvidia is doing in these drivers that is literally destroying my PC…doesn’t even seem like an exaggeration at this point, its just insane how this never happened before. Great. IF YOU ARE HAVING OR HAVE HAD THESE ISSUES DO NOT INSTALL THE NEW STUDIO DRIVER 461.40. IT WILL ALSO BREAK YOUR ENGINE. Gonna try running in DX12 mode only.

*Edit #4, Final: Altering dx settings inside of the editor did not change the terrible hard crashes these new drivers have managed to cause every time I install them. Installations / uninstallations between these drivers have worked fine, no errors or hitches during, only use after they were installed. So I was forced to go back to the studio driver previous, that solved this all for me, 460.89. To no surprise it worked once again, and so far almost a whole day through today and no issues like this morning when I installed that new one I mentioned above. Don’t know what’s going on with them, but something is up could be a lot of things I suppose, but I guess I’ll just not update until I know exactly what is going on. Hope this little “study” helps anyone who is having similar issues.

Here’s some examples of the editor buttons not working; don’t know what the cause of this is but it’s super bizarre and completely has broken the engine along with these crashes for me. It’s kind of hard to see here, but every time I click the button and then go to select an editor option from the drop down it instantly flickers and disappears as described above.


Sounds like it might be the same thing a few of us are experiencing in this thread: My project keeps crashing my computer on open - Getting Started - Unreal Engine Forums (Sorry, no solutions as of this writing).

My symptoms are slightly different than yours, in that it doesn’t matter if I’m full screen or not (I don’t know what PIE is, can’t comment on that). Basically when I open a project, it freezes as soon as I click on ANYTHING, about 60 seconds later my whole PC crashes. I’ve experienced this in 4.25 and 4.26.

I did update my Nvidia drivers since the last time the project was working though, so you might be on to something.

I can confirm that rolling back my nvidia driver stopped my projects from crashing my whole PC

PIE is just an abbreviation for “play in editor” scenarios. Glad to hear I’m not the only one and I’ll take a look at the forum you’ve linked here as well.

Also thanks for this, I’ll try this today and see what occurs different.

The Final Discovery:
After day two of testing the previous studio driver; 460.89 (had to grab it manually from the Nvidia site via their manual drivers portal) everything seems to be back to normal, it’s been far longer than it would’ve taken for the bugs and hitches to occur and none yet. Seems like the new game ready driver has broken aspects of UE relating to my 2070 Max-Q card. Strange, but it seems fixed now anyways.

Rolling back the Nvidia driver fixed the issue for me as well. Thank you!

Run the editor with -opengl4 and tell DX to go to hell, this fixed all of my crashing issues after trying absolutely every other recommendation with no effect

Same here, complete system crash whenever I tried to use a menu. Rolling back to 460.89 studio driver solved the issue. Should definitely not happen to NVDIA with their self declared „studio drivers“ though :wink:

Hi there!

Upon fullscreening any project in any engine version (primarily between 4.25 and 4.26) my engine has a very high chance to completely shut down and not respond at all, after a min or two that is, and after a second or two of it realizing it is unresponsive, it also COMPLETELY freezes my pc. I am left with no choice but to hard reset. Only happens when I fullscreen the editor, could be in anything, any level.

I have had similar symptoms! I thought i was going nuts. My engine would just stop working 4.25 or 4.26, and lock up my ENTIRE PC, not even the command prompt or any task manager function would close and reset it.

A total PC reboot was needed and I basically couldn’t work for longer than 1-2 hours at a time which is frustrating. I’ve just made a brand new post about it here, if you could take a look:

I am going to start rolling back my NVIDIA driver now, game ready is what I use but I will try Studio if it also fails. Currently I am on 461.40. You’ve mentioned 460.89 is working for you? So I will start there.

Same issue with a 2080 TI and all driver > 457.30

The exact same issue appeared today after few days using driver 461.40. Rolling back to 460.89 saved my day ! Thanks for the inquiry :slight_smile:

Can you try After updating to NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 461.09 or newer, some desktop apps may flicker or stutter when resizing the window on some PC configurations | NVIDIA

And see if that helps with these issues? Does it address any of the crashes or freezes as well?

Worth a shot, so I likely will within the next month after I’m able to back everything up in the case of something catastrophic occurring (have learned my lesson there when dealing with hardware issues). The only thing that would concern me is the fact the help page mentions no crashes, so yea, that will be the real kicker here to see whether it’d address it or not. All I know, is there is waaaaaaay too many people having these issues, and I don’t know why, I’ve gotten several other Unreal Engine devs come around and say they’ve had the same issue, so I suppose it’s still an ongoing thing, we’ve yet to get down to the hardware cause.

I had the same problem. Reverting the driver as written above fixed it.
Yesterday, I updated to the most recent driver “465.89”. The editor crashed every few minutes.
I reverted the driver to “460.89”. It was the driver I used before the update. No crash so far.
You can find old drivers in the advanced driver search: Official Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA

Thought I’d come back to this about a month or so later and say, I had installed these fixes a couple weeks back, and well…I’m on the latest studio driver and no more issues. Still not sure exactly what the problem was, but all I know, is that it spanned for quite some time, and I assume these fixes did in fact; address these problems fully, and permanently. I’ll be seeing how things go with future studio drivers these next few months, but all should be alright from now on. Thanks matthew!

had the exact same issue due to new NVIDIA drivers with my MSI 2070 Super so I got the 460.89 driver package and bang issues gone with Unreal Engine 5 locking up but I do get this annoying little notice stating “The installed version of the NVIDIA graphics driver has known issues. Please install either the latest or the recommended driver version” then the URL for the NVIDIA driver downloads for geforce cards and the recommended is 511.79… yeah IM gonna stick with 460.89 because the latest version 512.85 not only breaks unreal engine 5.0.2 but 4.27.2 and 4.26.2 if raytracing is enabled and breaks Daz Studio and any other thing that uses ray tracing.

Is this some play by NVIDIA to get us to buy newer cards? or just some dev over at NVIDIA asleep at the wheel? because Until someone on this forum can swear to me that the latest recommended version from NVIDIA WORKS IM sticking with this 460.89 and the annoying little warning from the engine

Peace Out I got pixels to push

If you still have issue with recent nvidia drivers (as I am), try to do GPU Undervolting.
This only helped me: