after "Show mouse curosr" click, camera wont rotate


I have “show mouse cursor” enabled, on the blank template.I have custom script like first person camera. Which moves camera if i move my mouse. But when i click button in game, which i created or anywhere in the world. The camera wont move, unless i press right or left mouse button too and move my mouse. So is there any workaround for this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had the same problem for a menu which was oppened by pressing Esc.Try making a flipflop then o A set show mouse cursor(tick) add the widget and add it to the viewport and use Set input Mode UiOnly. On B set show mouse cursor(untick) add Set Imput Mode Game Only. Try looking on this.It’s my menu and i know it’s kind of messy. Good luck!

This one worked perfectly, thanks :slight_smile:

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But if I have UI, I can not interact with UI if I add the “Set Input Mode Game only”.
How can I do?