After Running Movie Render Queue: What Then?

I’m new to movie making and animation. The standard UE Movie Renderer seems rather simply plug and play, but I’ve come to understand that the Movie Render Queue only produces high quality frames rather than a video file. How does one go from high quality frames to high quality video? Is that something that can be accomplished in Unreal or do I need to use other software? If the answer is the latter, any recommendations, tips, or tricks? Thank you for your time.

Enable Apple Pro res format plugin or other video file format plug in to render video files.
If you’re using a video editor you should be able use number still images as well and then render out from the editor.

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Thanks! Since posting I found I could use Blender to organize the images into a movie, but its good to know there is a Plugin for it as well. I’ll experiment with Apple Pro res and see if I can figure it out for my workflow.

Resolve is also free as a basic editor.