After running 'make' Makefile:212: Error 1 - Unable to Install UE4

Just followed Linux Quick Start install guide on my Pop!_os 19.04 machine
(Which as far to my concerns sits on top of Ubuntu 19.04)

On step 3; When running make from terminal to build the project binaries i get the following error

Parsing headers for CrashReportClient:

’ ’ 'Running UnrealHeaderTool
-LogCmds=“loginit warning, logexit warning, logdatabase error”
-Unattended -WarningsAsErrors Refusing to run with the root privileges.

make: [Makefile:212:
Error 1

Steps to solve this issue would be very usefull as i’m a newbie on UE4.
And half a newbie on Linux.

I came across an apparent fix in this issue.

Hypotheses is that the UnrealEngine directory was owned by root so make failed because of permissions, and sudo make refused to succeed on the task.

**Fix: **

sudo chown -R $USER

then run make.

**Now the question is ¿How do i change who owns UnrealEngine directory on linux?