After Root Motion Turning the Character's rotation snaps back

I am trying to create a motion matching prototype.

I have a root motion animation where my character turns 90 degrees and walks two steps forward. I would like the character to keep the rotation after the turning is done but he will always turn back to the original rotation, when the root motion is done, even though he keeps the new position.

I play the root motion animation after finding the correct one like this:

The root bone has rotation applied to it.

In the AnimGraph this is the setup:

But after running the montage the character rotates back to the original position, when the montage is finished.

I could create a notify at the end of the animation and then add rotation to the character, but is this really the only way to do it?

I fixed it.

I accidentally had an “Event Tick” in my Character Blueprints that would lerp the rotation to the original rotation. I completely forgot about it, since it stemmed from my earlier attempts to rotate based on a anim graph setup.

Sorry about the stupid question.