After rigging, Im gonna go Substance, if my rig fine?

Hey guys

SO Ive rigged my model and would like to know,
If I do the UV unwrap in Maya then use Substance painter for texturing.

This should not affect the rig right?

Since Uv unwrap is done in maya and painter is only texturing and importing back in the maps…

Exactly. However I suggest to texture before Rigging.

How come you suggest? (Since you already said its works if its the opposite way in your prev post)

Because you may notice something in the texture related to the model that may not be working correctly as you thought it would, this would imply changing the topology of the model which implies changing the rig or skinning which is why one of the reasons it is a good practice to make sure the main texture base is working well before rigging is started. Or the rigging could be started in parallel but as a general setup (no skinning) while the main texture (not necessary the extra fine details) is being finalized.