after relog or server start the static mesh not saved?


I have the problem that after relog or server start the static mesh not saved?
Variable is checked “SaveGame”.


Here can you see the function:

Please help…

Thank you.


have you had it print what the variable is when it starts again (delayed a few seconds on beginplay ofc)? from what it seems, you need to get the beginplay event and set the material (if defined)

Hi n123q45,

thank you for the answer.
Can you give me an example what you mean?

on the items graph, have a begin play event followed by a delay (~5-10s) the printstring the variable. This will tell you if its saving the variable or not. then if it is saving, replace the printstring with the setmaterial so as soon as the server boots up it will set that material. Of course you are going to want to make sure the item has that variable set so it doesnt give a checkerboard matterial

The easiest thing to do is create a repnotify that is an integer set to savegame
Use TryMultiUse to change the variable, setup your material switching inside the rep notify function then add a call to the repnotify function on begin play.

Hi P0k3r,
can you make a BP example please, I have problems to visualize your comments?