After reboot my computer, none of the saved maps works

Yesterday I saved the project with the map and I shutdown my computer. Next day, when i opened my project, I got this message: “Assertion failed: Existing.Linker->ExportMap[Existing.LinkerIndex].Object==this [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectLinker.cpp] [Line: 107]”. If I try open my map from the backup, I’ll get message: “Failed to load assets”. Also I created a new project with this content but I got the same effect. Can you help me? Thank you in advance! If you want a screenshot, just say.

try to build the light and press the save all

Unfortunately I can’t do this because I can’t load my map ;-(

But thanks for answer ;-D

Also I can add that I have never builded the light. Is this wrong?

I’ve been having the exact same error. If you ever find a solution to your problem, please, please, please, post it here!! (My engine version is 4.22 though)

You know what? You can solve your problem only by restoring the system ;-( Unfortunately, I don’t have restore point…

We can talk about this in a private message If you want

I have a backup of my project from 2 days ago working without problem, but I don’t know what exactly is causing the problem. Having to restore my system would suck tho

Is your project C++ project? If so then did you forget to press “compile” button? It might be because your assets parent objects are corrupted or not compiled, and it affects all your child classes, including those in your level.

You can try to update your grapic card and see if that will help, if that don’t work it can be a bug in Unreal or bad memry

no, but you can try to update it

you need to use the software Nvidia Geforce Experience to update your graphics card

Sorry, I did misunderstand what you did say

Driver Booster 4 Pro is a third party software, some of the third party softwares will not give you the latest updates. You can try Nvidias software or you can try Nvidias website to get the latest update.
Here is a link:

Do you think my graphics card is broken?

I haven’t got any update ;-(

I have got Driver Booster 4 PRO. Can’t this be?

Ok, I try download it ;-D

did you delete any C++ file?