After playing animation, Character changes to a midget

I imported my fbx model and created an skeleton and physics asset for it , then i imported my animations using the same skeleton asset for my model .
When character is in bind pose , everything’s fine, but when i play an animations it changed to a midget . i had a good laugh , but how can i fix this ?

Bind pose pic :

After clicking on an animation :

Notice that the approximate size changes… is that has something to do with UE4 units ? if it is why the character in bind pose doesnt change ? same asset with animations worked fine in udk :frowning:
Thanks in advance

You could use that as a selling feature :smiley:
Seriously though, it looks like you’ve got different scale settings on the character and the one you created the animation on. I had a similar issue in UE3 years ago .

Hi there,
Were the animations authored on a skeleton with different proportions than your character? Regardless, I think this will be an easy fix! If you open your skeleton and look at the hierarchy, you will see dropdowns beside each bone under Translation Retargeting (you can see it on the left third of your screenshot). By default, everything is set to Animation, meaning that the translation of your bones will be determined by animation. This is fine for the pelvis, IK bones, etc, but for most bones we only really need the animation to set the rotation values. So, if you set everything that doesn’t need translation to Skeleton (meaning that bone will keep the translation set in the Skeleton regardless of what the animation says), I think your character will pop back to normal.

This is extremely useful for retargeting animations from skeletons of different sizes/proportions.

More info, better explained here:

Good luck!

Thanks Ray . it worked , after a surgery my character is back to normal :))

Animations are created using the same skeleton , but they were created by retargetting Mocap data from an skeleton twice bigger than my character’s skeleton < it wasnt smaller anyway> . Retargetting is done using Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013 retargetting tools.