After placing object into the world, primary input action is disabled?

I really can’t find any fault with the code, I know I’m new and all but I’ve gone over the code two dozen times over two days trying to figure it out but still nothing.

What happens:
A button is clicked to create a object and a silhouette of the object moves around the map (where the mouse cursor is) and then when the primary button is clicked again it is placed.

The second time this is done, the new object cannot be placed using the primary action. However it is possible to bind it with the secondary action and it will continue to work just fine on the first, second, third, 10th attempt.

Things I’ve specifically looked for:

  1. Class defaults: Trace, event click and touch events (all good)
  2. UI: Mouse visibility (hide cursor) and Primary action changes (none)
  3. Comparing new code with code that worked (previous version) and everything is identical
  4. Variables, making sure all of them are exposed if need be etc… (comparing with old version)
  5. Kept it simple, used print strings, and break commands to narrow it down to where i am today

Is there something I can do at the end of the placement that will re-enable the primary button? It seems that it is specifically primary button / left click and any other key bind like spacebar, O, P, K, right mouse click, etc… anything but left mouse click works.

I think you need to show your blueprints. The problem with describing it, is you draw us into what you’re not seeing.