After OS and UE4 reinstall projects are not visible in Projects Browser


I just reinstalled Windows on my system disk, and then reinstalled UE4.7.
When I launch the editor the Projects Browser is empty. I clicked on the Browse button to launch a specified project on my other drive (where they already were on my old system and where the browser was able to list them), the projects launch well but they never get displayed in the Projects Browser.

Is there a way, at last, to change / add / keep the opened projects paths in the Projects Browser in UE4.7?
It would be SOOOOOO much useful…

Thank you

Hi werwack,

Once you open a .uproject file, no matter where it is located on your machine, it will be added to the Launcher’s library tab. If you don’t see it pop up immediately, try restarting the Launcher. If it still isn’t showing up, post back here to let me know.



Hi TJ,

The open projects didn’t appear at all, even after a restart of the Launcher or the engine. I tried to look in the source code if there was a config file where I would be able to manually add the projects but I didn’t find any (nor any entry in the registry).
Anyway, I installed the version 4.7.2 this morning and everything is fine now and works as expected.

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards,