After "OnClickedButton" i want the computer to press a specefic button

After “OnClickedButton” i want the computer to press a specefic button
(PS: I am new to unreal engine 4)

UE4 4.14.3
FirstPerson Template
Im doing this in widget blueprint
So I want that after button_864 is pressed my computer press left mouse button one time.
I know this is probably really basic stuff but still :/. i cant get it to work

I’m not sure what you are trying to do, do you mean you want to simulate a left mouse click after they click the button? Why do you need to do it?

If you want to hide the mouse cursor, that will have to be before the Remove From Parent node.

yeah, i want to simulate a left mouse button click after they click the button.
im trying to fix a bug. and i know this will fix it.

and the hide mouse cursor works anyways…

I’d be interested to hear about what your bug is, because I can’t imagine this is the best solution to it.
But if you really need to, here’s a thread that explains how to do it. And it requires C++.

edit: last post, I explain what worked for me.

It was actually one of the first problems I had in Unreal too. It works, but it’s more of a workaround than a solution I’d expect.

I dont know anything about coding so thats going to be hard.

And its not like a bug, more like just a problem kinda.
the problem is that after ive clicked the “play” button in my menu. the cursor is still there and i cant look around. But if i click left mouse button it fixes the problem.

is there an easier way to fix this or…

here is my problem.
as u can see i cant look around until i press left mouse button

Try this: