After my new map starts loading in ARK, I get redirected to main menu. What did I do wrong?

I’ve been reading, watching videos yesterday all day long and still can’t find any answer to my problem. I saw similar problem with someone else, but that answer he got, didn’t help me, because I did all that already. uploaded map to steam load ark and when try to play it just goes back to main menu - Support - Unreal Engine Forums

I followed Ark Map Making Youtube Tutorials - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums to make a map for myself. It’s just a small map, 15x15, like a big crater just for the purpose as a battle / testing ground.

So I set my terrain up like the tutorial shows above, then sculped it and saving the file. I used the MI_NewIsland and MI_NewIslandHole in my map and not the Mat_TheIslandWithMask_Inst and that other Mat_TheislandWithMask_Hole_Inst
I cooked it as map and not as mod, since its a map. After uploading, subscribing and downloading, I got into ARK. Selected my own map and play singleplayer, it goes to the loading screen and after some time it pops back to main menu.

What do I need to do to make my map working in ARK? I can’t find any video or guidance about this, or I’m searching completely wrong. I’m a newb and totally can’t understand what to do next.

Can someone please help me out with this?

Nevermind, found the solution… many searching and all I did was start from scratch, default new map etc and I added static mess SM_template_map_floor to my map folder and after cooking it was oke and can now get into the map