After Making a Blueprint Duplicate, Character not receving Animations, stuck in T Pose.

Hey Guys,

Ok, I made a Duplicate of this one Blueprint since it was so complex, I am using a different Mesh for it that the source Blueprint. Everything in the Blueprint work, except the Character “Player Pawn” is stuck in the T Pose position and will not execute animations.

How can I fix this? Will this work? There are no compilation errors at all. However there are errors in the editors.

I made a Animation Blueprint from the new Skeleton that my mesh is using, but it’s like its not “receiving” the Animations now?

Did I miss a certain thing with this? Do I have to do something to the Mesh in order to get the Animations to execute after making a “Duplicate Blueprint?”


Hello Grot13,

Thanks for replying to my Query. The problem still exists…

Ok, would it be better to make a child blueprint from my source blueprint rather than a duplicate?

Or should i make a Blueprint from scratch so that way I can assign the skeleton/mesh to it in the beginning?

Like for example, the character recognizes the Health component, and when the player is hit and the health is diminished he mesh falls to pieces, in a odd manner. Like I am not sure why it’s falls to pieces, since the mesh is one piece?

Anyway, if you can help me sort this out I would really appreciate it, Ive been raking my brains over this for days!


A child blueprint is a copy you cannot fully modify but that you can somewhat overwrite. An Instance essentially.

A copy (as in ctrl-c ctrl-v) is a copy you can fully modify and change skeletal mesh to while keeping other Non Animation functionality.

The Anim BP is linked on the Mesh within the item Details.

you will need to either duplicate the anim BP as well and modify it - if you changed the skeletal mesh - or simply link the animation blueprint again.

As far as the mesh falling to pieces, that’s probably a feature of the blueprint you copied. Hard to tell since we don’t know anything other then what you wrote above…

Hi MostHost.

Ok, the thing is this.

The blueprint interfaces are not copying over from the source blueprint, but all the main components are.

When I tried to make a “duplicate” i could not choose the give it a new skeleton mesh, which is a show stopper.

So, would it just be better for me if i just make a new one from empty scratch and then add all the components that way?

Like for instance, since i made a child blueprint, its giving me all kinds of errors by saying that “so and so” is not found, since now all the blueprint nodes are now named _2?

So for that i can just “re-drop” all the nodes and make connections?

My source blueprint is insanely complex…that’s why I am trying to find ways around starting from empty scratch…


If you just copy and paste you should have a clean copy that works but needs a new mesh.

is the original blueprint already an instance or a copy or something you worked on?

the inside should not have any _2 within it.
Every variable should be as you originally named it in the original file, as well as every node.

In the viewport you can select the mesh and replace it along with the anim BP.

Ok, no this is a marketplace asset template and is designed to be used as a “Template”.

The reason for the _2 now is the exact names cannot exist in the same project if they are variables. They must have different names.

This Blueprint is very complex, but the C++ inherited components do work on my new mesh character, but I am having issues since the Anim BP is not working in conjunction with the new Blueprint child or “duplicate” from the Main BP.

I can move the new mesh around, see the components working on it, however i cannot don’t get anything from the ANIM BP some how…that part is not working since there are tons of errors in the new BP that i made.

SO, I am faced with either "Creating a BP from scratch with my new characters meshes, and hand creating the variable, blueprint interfaces, ect…

This is what I am facing…

Is there a better way?

Please advise, if there is NOT…I will just do that…


I don’t know, nor have access to this template, so it is hard to say.
Hypotetically you should be able to make a new BP from the same template and subsequently copy/paste nodes within it. but you would need to manually go through and re-create all the needed variables.
You would ofc. get the underlying functionality provided by the template though.

Sort of like making a new character from the actor class…