After jumping, character is stuck on idle animation

So I’m really new to Unreal, and I’ve been playing around with animations and state machines. Right now I’m trying to make a basic custom character that can transition between running, idle, and jumping. Here is the state machine I have set up:

The transition from idle to running is just a boolean variable called “CanRun” and it is hooked up to a result node, Can Enter Transition. I can’t show a picture because I can only show a limited amount on here.

And here’s jumping to idle:

And this is jumping to running:

So far this is all pretty simple, I also have a blueprint for my character, and this is the event graph focusing on running:

And here is the part focusing on jumping:

Now the problem is that everything works fine, up until I jump. The character jumps just fine, but once he hits the ground, he is stuck in the idle position and cannot transition from it to anything else. Moving and jumping still works, but the character is still frozen in the animation. What am I doing wrong?