After installing vs2017, get missing windows.h on build

Hey! I am building UE4 from source. Was using Vs2015, decided to move on vs2017 yesterday.

So I uninstalled vs2015, installed 2017, and nightmare started. Basically, I get this, when I build from source:

F:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE416c\UnrealEngine-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\Launch\Resources\Windows\PCLaunch.rc(10): fatal error RC1015: cannot open include file ‘windows.h’.

I follow all online tutorial possible. Reinstalled VS2017 and all windows SDK, made ‘inherited’ in project configuration settings, my %PATH% has both links to VSTOOLS and 8.1\Windows Performance Toolkit and 10\Windows Performance Toolkit

I tried generating project files using “-2017” parameter. Tried it all many times downloading UE4 from GIT. NO LUCK.

Any hints on how to fix this at least manually? I suspect I could probably hardlink solution to some folder or something like that inside project files?