after installing bridge UNREAL 426 wont load

on windows ten and it just says NOT RESPONDING , no shaders nothing
so bridge plugin borked it?

i put path for the 426 as it asked ad enginewas off when restarting it wont load …

and when uninstalled works perfectly

verify wont work its now hanging saying “not responding” on a blank 3rd person template lol

reinstall didnt work either so no 426 for me

installs runs pick game , third person then it goes to 100% and goes to non responding state and wont come up
tried everyhitng so im done with 426 till its fixed wont work with windows ten fx 6300 amd box with a r230 gf card

yet will on a intel core duo wiuth even older gf card gt 620
but isnt windows ten its win 7