After importing mesh, character movement inaccurate and way too fast?

Hi Guys,

Not sure how to report on this… but I downloaded a free weapon model pack and imported the models.

The weapon blueprint is a child of weapon, which has its own mesh. I set this mesh to invisible in order to use the new imported model, which I scaled up and positioned to be held by the character.

Now, when I play with the character, his movement is WAY too fast and he runs in really strange directions upon input. When I delete the static mesh component in the blueprint, the character returns to normal.

Does anyone know why this is?

Just thought about this while posting, when I scaled the static mesh component down, it made the character not run as fast after input… I have no idea what this means or why it’s interacting like this…

Just imported another mesh, scaled it up and it works fine… not sure why this one is acting up