After Image by DeadPix (A Third Person Puzzle Game for our thesis 01)

Hello evryone! We want to share our game that we made for thesis 01, After Image.
After Image is a Third Person Puzzle Game where you take on the role of a man who went back into the past to save an ethnic group of people for the government’s cruel act on ancient underground temple filled with puzzles and mysteries.
Use the ability of the futuristic technology that lest’s him produce an old version clone of himself. Solve challenging puzzles by exploring what the technology can do.

After Image consist of 5 developers:

  1. Rouienald Macabitas (me) -Artist (
  2. Genard Ancero - Artist (
  3. Joshua Matias - Game Designer and Concept Artist (
  4. Justine Maurice Orprecio - Programmer (
  5. Laurence Chua - Programmer (

The After Image win’s Incendium VII’s People’s Best Choice Award for CAPSTONE1 (Thesis 1) at De la Salle-College of St. Benilde, Philippines.

Another screenshot :slight_smile: Sorry for the streamed texture of the fire particle haha