After harvesting Trees, plants, rocks in play they wont self destroy. Any ideas

Hey all. Strange thing. I have a working level with working water physics and some painting and I’ve started adding trees, rocks and plants.
When I harvest them at first I collect the resource but just when it should break the resource stops but the Actor doesn’t destroy. No sound, no falling tree, no fading rock, no disappearing bush. It seems like a global type thing because it is happening to every thing I add.

I have gone over the instance settings repeatedly according to several guides and tutorial and all show the same settings.
Im stumped.

Any suggestions?


At this time 42 views and zero responses. Does anybody have even the remotest idea why this could be happening

I believe that would be in the foliage settings so if you just simply placed items without any foliage settings I imagine that may be the issue but I’m not a mapper so can’t be certain.
I added crystals to the island (via map extension) awhile back following thewookies tutorial ( and it worked like it was supposed to.

I used both the Wookies tutorial and TheDonkyboys