After "Fix up redirectors" restarting editor causes crash

I’m on engine version 4.10.2. I’m having trouble moving certain blueprint assets: moving them is fine but fixing up the redirectors seems to fail silently. After fixing up the redirectors and restaring the editor, the editor crashes on (LinkedLoad.cpp, Ln 2249) when loading another asset that references the moved asset. Upon inspecting values it seems that its trying to load the moved asset from the old location, because Import.ClassPackage points to the old location.

This happens consistently: I’ve tried reverting the files and retrying the steps, which are:

  • Move the blueprint asset
  • Fix up redirectors in the old folder
  • Save all files
  • Restart editor (crash happens)

This happens swith more than one blueprint asset, but what they all have in common is that they are blueprints whose parent is a custom C++ UDataAsset class (but not the same class for all blueprints that trigger the crash). The asset that is being loaded is a data asset that uses the blueprint as a parent. So the hierarchy is this:

  1. C++ data asset class
  2. BP data asset class (moved)
  3. Data asset (tries to find the BP data asset class at old location)

So what happens in my project is that fixing up redirectors of blueprint data asset classes doesn’t correctly update the location in the final data assets. I can’t reproduce this in a clean project, so the issue may have something to do with the project having existed since UE 4.6. However, recreating the data assets isn’t an option since we have over 40 (they’re in-game items). Not moving the blueprint data asset is undesirable too since these files are the only ones that don’t adhere to our folder conventions. Does anyone have ideas for how I can work around this?

Perhaps, is it possible to manually define ClassPackage redirects or full path redirects in DefaultEngine.ini?

Thanks a lot everyone.

I just wanted to share my joy that UE4.11 has fixed this issue! :slight_smile: