After exporting from blender, adding new actions isn't noticed by Unreal

Hey Guys!
I’ve just started out with Unreal, and I’m having an interesting problem.
First off, I’m using Blender 2.74.

Basically my setup is a mesh and an armature. The armature has several actions: Walk, Idle, etc.
When I export to FBX and import into Unreal, everything works… if I set Animation length to “Animated Time”. When I do this, all of the actions are imported.
NOTE: My way of doing things is exporting mesh, armature, and animations from a single FBX file - this seems to be against the general advice given by tutorial writers, but in the newest blender version it seems to work

Problem is… if I add a new action after this happens, and re-export it… the action is not loaded!!

So my question is: Am I doing something wrong? If you need export options I picked and such, I can post those.
Thanks for reading!! :smiley:


When you create an action there is something like “users” of the action.

While import, you can define a specific timeline keyrangeset. (Frame xxx-xxxx)

I’m afraid I don’t understand!
-I have 2 actions. Walk and Idle. They are fake-usered.
-I export to unreal. The two actions are loaded.
-Then I add a new action to blender.
-I re-export, and… the action is not loaded.

What does frames have to do with it? Sorry, a noob in the whole blender-action system. :wink: