After Effects or Nuke?

hello i want tutorial a software for make game effect and game wallpaper and … most i use Nuke or after effect ?? what the different between nuke and AE ??

What are you wanting? Those are programs for compositing and adding effects to video

If you are working with just an image, use Photoshop

They are not worth the trouble if you aren’t an FX artist and want to make flipbooks of flames, smoke, etc. for your particles day and night. Stick with Photoshop instead as darthviper said.

yes yes i want to create flames, smoke and Anything like this for example wall texture for game (Destruction wall ) and Stuff related to the game . i can make all this with photoshop only ??
can give me a tutorial for this ?? photoshop is very extensive and i can not fine a good tutorial
thank and sorry for my english ^^

If you think Photoshop is extensive you shouldnt touch AE and Nuke at all. you can search on Youtube for tutorials on texturing with Photoshop, there are tons of them. Also there are other applications like DDO and Substance Designer that are very useful for texture creation.

May be THIS guide you

ok thanks !!!

You can’t do those things in photoshop alone, You need a simulating and rendering pipeline such as houdini, FumeFX or Maya particles. However you can do basic stuff in Photoshop like a simple 2x2 smoke that spawns randomly etc, After effects and Nuke, Fusion etc are only Post production tools nowadays mostly unless you are an Experienced FX artist who uses them to create sequences from live footage (Which i doubt you are, No offence).

Depends on what you want to do: For Motion Graphics, I use After Effects as it is offers more convenience features in this respect and is thus faster. For everything else I use Nuke. I come from VFX for film so NukeX is my natural choice. Nuke is a bit more involved and more “low-level” but you can do virtually anything.


Hey Michael, I totally agree with you. His question is more like “What to use to make effects from scratch” Just like what VFX artist do with FumeFX etc to get the Sheet ready, Not so much of AE vs Nuke. I do prefer nuke a lot too.

Well then, for VFX it’s a clear win for Nuke! It’s not just the capabilities that nuke offers, it’s the node based approach that is far more usable than tinkering with hundreds of layers (well to me at least :slight_smile: ). Through this, you get a lot of flexibility and easy iterations for your fx work.

I find NukeX in general very useful for our game workflow, not just for FX but for things like lookdev too (i.e. creating LUTs), and I’ve done quite a few gizmos tha help automate our texture work.